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Founded by Alice Santos and Alex Pavlenco who both spent close to a decade in the digital marketing space – Alex working for the top marketing companies in the world (Adobe & Dentsu) with global clients (like EasyJet, Deliveroo, Chanel, Santander, F1, etc) and Alice working as a health & wellness influencer with a social media in the hundreds of thousands.

André Pavlenco, our CTO is essential for our technical background, bringing the forefront expertise in technology and AI. So if you got a custom problem, we have the knowledge to help with a personalised solution. With a strong company culture, dedicated hard working team and working with the best talent globally.

Agência de Marketing Digital na Área da Saúde WonderAds
Alice Santos
Alex Pavlenco
André Pavlenco

There’s this old japanese saying “Sanpo Yoshi” translated it means “good for three parties” – good for the seller, good for the buyer and good for the community. And the key here is the last one, we want to help people, that’s why we used our vast experience and knowledge in the marketing industry and combined it with our passion for helping people.

We developed this unique opportunity that is focused on Sanpo Yoshi. We only work with a specific client because we know we can 10x their investments, and that’s our minimum…

Agência de Marketing Digital na Área da Saúde WonderAds

We create marketing breakthroughs for business owners destined to transform millions of people’s health.

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